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The Legend of Lambton

'The Legend of Lambton' (2020)


'The Legend of Lambton' was commissioned by Easington Colliery Band for the Cory Band Online Brass Band Championships 2021. 


The work is inspired by an old folklore legend from County Durham, known as 'The Lambton Worm'.

In the tale, John Lambton - an heir of the Lambton Estate - misses Church one Sunday to go fishing and catches an eel-like creature. Unimpressed with his catch, John discards the creature into a deep dark well, where over many years it silently festers and grows ...


Over the years, John grows up and joins the Crusades as a penance for his rebellious youth. In John's absence, the creature - all but forgotten - continues to grow evermore large and furious, poisoning the well and emerging from its dwelling to carry out its wrath on the local villagers.


Seven years pass, and John returns home to find the surrounding towns in disarray, along with Lambton Castle overun by the monster. Without any choice, John must fight 'the Lambton Worm' in order to reclaim his family estate and bring peace and victory to the land...


Holding a cinematic and medieval quality, 'The Legend of Lambton' is a short programmatic work that makes for a rousing and epic conclusion to any concert programme.


Duration: c. 3 mins

The Legend of Lambton

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