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If you would like to purchase some of Nick's sheet music, please visit the Online Store.


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​2023        Bridego Fiasco!

                Lakota Requiem


2022        In Love Again: Euphonium Solo

                Cairnie's March

             I'll Be Home For Christmas (Arr. for Band and Solo Flugel)

2021        Coming Home: Cornet Solo


                El Vito (Trad. Arrangement for Brass Band only)


2020        Odyssey: Solo for Euphonium & Brass Band

                The Legend of Lambton

2019        Winter's Eve


                El Vito (Trad. Arrangement for Brass Band & Female Choir)

2018        Ghost Walk


                A Fond Farewell: Euphonium Solo

                Spring In Yer Step!

2017        Ellandium

                Sketches From The Galley

2015        Be Thou My Vision (Trad. Arrangement)

2014        Be Still For The Presence of The Lord

                (David J. Evans, Arrangement)

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What They Don't See (2020)
  • SoundCloud

A campaign video focusing on the negative effects of social media on society and the harm caused through cyber-bullying.

Video created by Eleanor Wheatley

Music Mastered by Darcy Taranto

Listen to the soundtrack

Alone (2020)
  • SoundCloud

An animated short that follows the relationship of a 'needy' younger brother and his older sister, who ignores him and is transfixed by social media. Despite the gloominess of the short's title, I wanted the music to lend a warmth and Pixar-like quality, as well as capture the character and essence of the boy and his journey of emotions.


Video created by Eleanor Wheatley

Music Mastered by Darcy Taranto

Listen to the soundtrack

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2016           The Very Merry Milkman - Symphony Orchestra



My debut album, 'Lockdown Solo Piano' is now available to listen to on Bandcamp and Spotify!


The COVID-19 pandemic's been such a surreal and turbulent period - brutal lows, odd highs, moments of almost hilarious absurdity...and even more lows. I've tried to capture this in this collection of short songs for piano. Hope you enjoy, and keep safe!

Format: Digital

Artwork: BonserArts @bonserarts 

Music Mastered by Darcy Taranto


The Very Merry Milkman - Symphony Orchestr


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